Why move to the coasts of Denia?

Living near the ocean allows you to enjoy a fairly exceptional quality of life. It’s like being on a perpetual vacation. It is not necessary to wait several months before enjoying the beach and the beautiful landscapes. They are available to us all year round. The Benefits of Living Near the Sea Studies have shown that living near the ocean helps keep humans in better physical and moral health. For what reasons?

  • Living very close to the ocean makes daily sun exposure easier. Thus, vitamin D, necessary for our well-being, is sufficiently present in our body.
  • People who live by the ocean are less exposed to psychological distress than those who live inland. Why? Apparently, the vision of a natural environment like a blue horizon would bring serenity. It would activate the part of the brain called the «caudate nucleus» that is involved in our feeling of attachment. That is why we prefer the rooms with sea view in Denia!
  • In addition, the coastal paths and walks are designed to allow us to practice sports. This magnificent setting encourages those most resistant to physical effort. We know many jogging enthusiasts who are very happy to run in this idyllic setting.

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